July weekend News UPDATE 1: New RIGGED MESH HAIR, new haircolors, new jewelry for franchise program

Hello dear friends here what we prepare for you during this week:

1. We congratulating you from the deep of our soul with our new RIGGED MESH hair that automaticaly fit to your had.

That is really great news and in future most of our hairstyles will be created using this technology. No need to resize and fitting – just click and wear and you look perfect!

So we glad to present Alicia rigged mesh hair! It’s available in blonde, shaten and black colors + colortones. Easy colortones change script already included.

Here is images together with the links to SL Marketplace:

FaiRodis Alicia hair rigged mesh light blonde2 with pearl decoration: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FaiRodis-Alicia-hair-rigged-mesh-light-blonde2-with-pearl-decoration/7374505


FaiRodis Alicia hair rigged mesh light shaten with pearl decoration: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FaiRodis-Alicia-hair-rigged-mesh-light-shaten-with-pearl-decoration/7376781


FaiRodis Alicia hair rigged mesh black1 with pearl decoration: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FaiRodis-Alicia-hair-rigged-mesh-black1-with-pearl-decoration/7388883


2. We created Bertie and Divina hairstyles in black and Admiranda in shaten colors(links below):

And YES! New SURPRISE inside too 😉

FaiRodis Bertie hair light black1 with flairs decoration _WITH_SURPRISE: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FaiRodis-Bertie-hair-light-black1-with-flairs-decoration-WITHSURPRISE/7397317


FaiRodis Divina hair black1 with hair decoration_WITH_SURPRISE:



FaiRodis Admiranda hair updo light shaten_WITH_SURPRISE: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FaiRodis-Admiranda-hair-updo-light-shatenWITHSURPRISE/7366115

admiranda_hair_poster_updo_light_shaten3. We add new jewelry item to our Affiliate Franchise Program

FaiRodis_Dance_of_galaxys_necklace_vnd(FaiRodis Jewelry and Hair Brand Affiliate Franchise Program):


dances_of_galaxys_posterMore about how to make business in SL using our FaiRodis Jewelry and Hair Brand Affiliate Franchise Program here: http://fairodis-jewelry.fairiesgifts.net/fairodis-jewelry-and-hair-brand-affiliate-franchise-program/


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