September weekend News UPDATE 1: Mesh version of Vanessa hair and color updates for DJESICA, Gloria, Admiranda and Adolina hairstyles

Hello friend!

This weekend we have a lot to make your mood grow up!

We created:

Blonde hair color update for DJESICA hairstyle:

CLICK HERE TO GET: FaiRodis DJESICA hair light blonde2


Beautifull blonds colors for Adollina hairstyle. Pay attention to this beautifull PIRL DECORATION that goes together with hairstyle!

CLICK HERE TO GET FaiRodis Adollina hair light blonde2 with bangs and pearl decoration pack

FaiRodis_adollina_hair_poster_light_blonde_ver2Just look how much energy in reds colors set that we created for Admiranda hairstyle.

CLICK HERE TO GET FaiRodis Admiranda hair long deep reds

FaiRodis_admiranda_deep_redsAwsome blacks hairtones for Gloria! And also we put SURPRISE inside! Do not pass by!

CLICK HERE TO GET: FaiRodis Gloria hair black1_WITH_SURPRISE

FaiRodis_Gloria_hair_black1_ready_posterAnd we made FITTED RIGGED MESH version of Vanessa hairstyle + 5 main colortones for You! So here we even putted gallery of Vanessas 🙂


Vanessa_mesh_Whites_FITTED_RIGGED Vanessa_mesh_black1_FITTED_RIGGED Vanessa_mesh_Light_Blonde2_FITTED_RIGGED Vanessa_mesh_light_shaten_FITTED_RIGGED Vanessa_mesh_light_reds_FITTED_RIGGEDWELCOME!


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