FaiRodis Tatiyana hair

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FaiRodis Tatiyana hair redVery modern hairstyle, trend of this year.
Good style for jeans, casual, knitted, beach clothes.
Realistic hairstyle, true hair textures, easy adjustable color and size, also you can switch on/off brightness of hair depending on time of the day.
6 hair tones for blonde In the pack. You can change it over script menu. All very easy, and very quickly. So you do not need spend a lot of time to change hairstyle color and do not need search longly another color in your inventory. All in same place and easy accessable:)
P.S. Pay attention that new hair decoration for this style available. This hair decoration perfectly suits for parties, romantic places and wedding outfits.

FaiRodis Tatiyana hair with decoration

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