FaiRodis New Years Eve 3 in 1 dress pack

FaiRodis New Years Eve 3 in 1 dress pack

Awesome stylish dress with holografic sequins and chiffon and decorated glitter pattern , will be very good at any event and party.This dress looking like citylight and firework in night sky of city.

Dress “New Years Eve” created by unique author’s design and will be good for both type of avatars (classic/mesh).

Pay attantin that dress has 3 variant of skirts all is flexi and looking and moving realistic. Also you can combine skirts and wear dress by situation and by type of dance.

READ INSTRUCTIONS at our official web-site for best wearing:

How set up dresses that suitable for wearing with both types of avatas

ANY QUESTION – IM me please! Do not do negative review just because you didn’t read instructions. I’m creator and can help you with anything that touch my creations.

New dress from FaiRodis Brand. For ladys with big bust too! Easy to wear, easy to change size any part of dress. Quick loading and does not overload yours avatar.

It’s universal dress for any type of bodys ( classic and mesh bodys (Maitreya, Slink,Belleza, Freya and e.t.c) and for any size – read instruction inside pack please.

This dress created for quick loading and do not overload your avatar, that is very importand for high loaded places. It’s universal dress for any body size – read instruction inside pack please.

Model Wear

FaiRodis Angel hair light blonde2+hair decoration

JewelryFaiRodis Pearl kiss bracelet PACK

Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kizilelma/24/81/870

SlMarketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FaiRodis-New-Years-Eve-3-in-1-dress-pack/21043148

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