FaiRodis virtual hairstyles

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Congratulations! You found page of virtual hairstyle creators! We spent more then 10 years creating virtual fashion to make our customers be really happy and beautiful. At our in-world boutique you can find virtual haircuts and hairstyles with perfectly chosen hair color according to most actual and strong fashion trends. Premium quality of textures helps our hairstyles look super realistic.

Thanks to the fact that people can choose avatars similar to their real life appearance, so Second Life can be used as virtual haircut app or hairdresser. So you have great ability to try a lot of kinds of 3d hairstyles to choose your best look for real life appearance too. Just use your cam at SL viewer to make screenshoots from different points of view, then ask your hairdresser to do the same for you with your real hairstyle. That will bring a lot of fun!
Welcome to our in-world boutique to choose your 3d-hairstyle online quickly and easy.

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