FaiRodis Snake hair blonde 1 and blonde 2

This new hairstyle created specialy to meeting New Year 2013!
It has very elegant style and also you can try to make this hairstyle in real life. You need to have long hair, hair spray with strong fixation and two studs with large rhinestones for Snake Eyes to make this 🙂
And let’s back to Second Life 🙂
In FaiRodis Snake hair blonde1 pack 6 blond colors included 
FaiRodis Snake hair blonde1 hairstyle have only 34 prims, so you can wear it at any party, ballroom and your avastar will feel very good, because it is do not create lags.



Available hair colors

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Instruction how to use hair in SL : 
How to change size of hair ?
1) Click on hair with left mouse button – you will got menu.
2) Select [ALL PRIMS] in menu.
3) Then choose “+” or “-” buttons to resize object
4) When done – click [IGNORE] button.

How to change color ?
So here is simple steps to change hair color quickly:

1. Press ALT + CTRL + T buttons on your keyboard to be able see transparent cube over your head in red.
2. Look up over your head – you will see red cube. Click it and you will get menu with color groups.
3. Press ALT + CTRL + T on your keyboard to quit “see transparent cube in red mode”.
4. Choose color group, then choose color you like from colors list menu.
Tip: To get color menu you don’t need press ALT + CTRL + T on your keyboard every time you want to change the color
– just click on place over your head where you know cube situated is.

How adjust the brightness of the hair? 
1) To switch on brightness just type: “bright on” in general chat without
Inverted commas.
2) To switch off brightness just type: “bright off” in general chat without
Inverted commas.
3) To reset brightness on/off script just type: “bright reset” in general chat without Inverted commas.

That is all! And it’s very simple! Be happy!!!

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