FaiRodis TabletPC white GIFT

FaiRodis_Tablet_PC_readyHello dear friends! Finaly we can present you our newest creation – FaiRodis Tablet PC. Congratulations!
By using this Tablet PC you can:
* Easy get most fresh news about all of our creations, actions etc
* You will be able surf internet without switching windows – directly from your Second Life viewer! It’s awsome!
* You will be able to buy from SL MarkePlace directly from Second Life viewer by using FaiRodis TabletPC

Watch our video tutorial to see how to use and features:


Here is the link to SL MarketPlace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FaiRodis-TabletPC-white-GIFT/6396137

Try it! Use it with pleasure! 🙂

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