How to look beautiful and have no lags at crowded places?

Our designers are strongly belive that Second Life is beautiful place for meetings, events visiting and communicating with friends, but all pleasure disappearing right at that moment when a lot of avatars gathering at same place.

Surprising and even terrible thing begin to happen to avatars there then. Especially with the advent of mesh avatars and clothing crowded places the accumulation of zombies began to resemble. Just think, in what ever horror movie it’s possible to see so much quantity of funny jumping head cutted, hand cutted or even separated at body parts avatars? And their clothing dancing separately at same time! I will not even talk about endless lags.

antilag4 antilag5


Thanks to programmers, that allways try to make some improvements to viewers, at list at such beautiful viewer as Firestorm people got such ability to reduce lags by limiting of avatar complexity calculating. And this could be great, but from this moment everything dive down to the world of flat colored shadows…

After seriously think about this problem we decided that big part of responsibility for such situations lay on creators, who do not think about optimization of their creations in most cases.
As proffesionals that have attitude to creations of 3D models not only for such game as Second Life we decided to show to ourself and to all Second Life that we can strongly improve this situation. So we began to create hairstyles, clothes and jewelry in such way that even if avatar will wear all of it at same time it will not cause lags to computer. We called our specialy optimized for wearing in crowdy places creations – ANTI LAG creations.


We already have even special collections to make you look beautiful and do not feel lags at crowdy places. You will easy find list of our ANTI LAG creations at our web-site at special section called ANTI LAG that we will publish at near days.
So watch for updates! 🙂

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