July weekend News UPDATE 2: NEW rigged MESH hair for MEN

Hello dear friend! That time we prepared hairstyles for Your man too! This is RIGGED MESH HAIRSTYLE! And that’s mean that Your man will not need to waste time to fit his hair – it’s automatically will fit correctly! Live became easier! 😉

Click this link or image to BUY: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FaiRodis-Den-hair-mesh-light-shaten/7418398

DEN_vendor_ready +

We add new jewelry item to our Affiliate Franchise Program: FaiRodis Forest Flower earing+ring set vnd(FaiRodis Jewelry and Hair Brand Affiliate Franchise Program)

song_flower_earing_and_ring_pre_poster2_4_1More about how to make business in SL using our FaiRodis Jewelry and Hair Brand Affiliate Franchise Program here: http://fairodis-jewelry.fairiesgifts.net/fairodis-jewelry-and-hair-brand-affiliate-franchise-program/

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