July weekend News UPDATE 4: New hairstyle – Gloria hair light shaten WITH_SURPRISE New colors and DECORATION for Dahlia hairstyle

Hello friends! This week we created NEW hairstyle for You – Gloria hair light shaten WITH_SURPRISE. Yes it’s have SURPRISE inside too! 😉 Also we created Gloria hairstyle in blonde colors too.

ready_poster_bogemskaya_hvost_blonde2SHATEN haircolor >Click HERE<

BLONDE2 haircolor >Click HERE<

In addition to this we created hair DECORATION and New haircolor(shaten-blonde ombre) for Dahlia hair.


FaiRodis Dahlia hair without bangs light shaten-blonde ombre >CLICK HERE<

HAIR DECORATION for Dahlia hairtyles >CLICK HERE<

Watch images, make your choice , click the links, BE HAPPY! 🙂 And wear with pleasure 🙂


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