FaiRodis Saint Patrick’s day EXPO Announcement

FaiRodis Beauty Spring expo 2013 logo

FaiRodis Shamrok silc and lace

FaiRodis Shamrock necklace

FaiRodis shamrock diadem filigrana


FaiRodis Shamrok lace

FaiRodis Patrick's Shamrock earings

FaiRodis Emerald Shamrock1

FaiRodis Tefnut stiletto

FaiRodis Shamrok 4

FaiRodis Shamrock ring

Rose under the rain diadem

FaiRodis Shamrok 5

FaiRodis Shamrok green-white lace dress

FaiRodis Dancing Shamrok


FaiRodis Shamrock 1 mesh dress

FaiRodis Shamrock white mesh dress

FaiRodis white spring mesh dress

FaiRodis spring white-green mesh dress

FaiRodis Shamrock 3 yellow-green mesh dress

Hello dear friends! St. Patrick’s day comming soon so we preparing new beautifull expo for you! We made here announcement of our creations, but we have much more to show you at St. Patrick’s day EXPO. We will post exact day, time and place of St. Patrick’s day EXPO opening later. So check updates on our site to be first please 🙂

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