Ocean Mesh Gown


This gown embodies the soul of the ocean, wearing it you will look like as stunning woman and seductive mermaid at same time.

How to wear gown:
All standart sizes included in pack! But you need to wear it without alpha-mask. Just wear one size larger then size of your avatar’s body. As example if your avatar body size is S then you need to wear M. And so on.
PAY ATTENTION that the kit includes panties and bra so you can recolor it yourself according to the color of your skin. In such way, according to your wish, you can wear this gown with bra or without it.

You can try this delightful gown at SL MarketPlace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FaiRodis-Ocean-mesh-gown-poster-DEMO/5509483

FaiRodis Good Mood #11 mesh white lace outfit

FaiRodis Good Mood #11 mesh white lace outfitFaiRodis Good Mood #11 mesh white lace outfit

This is awsome summer outfit that absorbed most fresh fashion trends.

You can wear it as beautifull wedding outfit.
Also You can wear it with or without bra 😉

Blouse sizes : XL,L,M,S
Shorts sizes: S,XS,N,L,XL

Attention! You do not need to wear alpha leyer, to wear blouse – you just need to wear outfit with one more size larger then your avatar body size.

You can find FaiRodis Good Mood #11 mesh white lace outfit at SL marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FaiRodis-Good-Mood-11-mesh-white-lace-outfit/5225040

FaiRodis Spring outfit with mesh jeans

FaiRodis Spring outfit with mesh jeansFaiRodis Spring outfit with mesh jeans is elegant and fashioable outfit for wearing during spring and at summer cool days. FaiRodis Spring outfit with mesh jeans use colors that is most fashionable in 2013 year.

FaiRodis Spring outfit with mesh jeans outfit consist from:
* Mesh jeans
* Scuplted jacket
* texture top
* 2 variants of alpha textures
+ 1 special variant of alpha texture for shoes wearing with mesh jeans


Mesh jeans Features:
* Full mesh
* Rigged mesh
* realistic jeans textures
* 5 jeans sizes: L, M, S, XL, XS

Scuplted jacket Features:
* Sculpted
* realistic organza textures
* Easy resizable over scripted menu

Find it in-world at FaiRodis Beauty Spring Expo 2013: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fenix%20Rising/152/47/671
Our web-site: http://fairodis-jewelry.dyndns.biz

FaiRodis Rose under the rain gown

Rose_sunrize_poster  FaiRodis Rose under the rain gown

Very modern and fresh style gown with fashionable color . Unique design for realy fashion lovers.
Materials for dress taken from silk, organza, one from skirt created as flower shape. Sculpty parts of skirt have rose form.
All skirts are flexible.
And it is all create harmonical silhouette.
For you will be pretty as flower!

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