Hello dear friends!
We created new hairstyle, it’s very feminine hairstyle and it will attract the attention of men.
Julia hairstyle movements are dinamical, and looks very realistic during dance, walking, and does not stick to your back, because BRAID is FLEXIBLE. Julia hairstyle suits very good for any situation and for any clothes. You can wear it with jeans, coctail dress or even with gown. This hairstyle universal. Julia hairstyle is good for role players and all kind of gamers at high loaded sims, because with this hair your avatar will be loaded very quickly and your hair always will load quickly and apear right on your head. Julia hair avaliable at all of our brand palette colors at boutique, and also DIAMOND DECORATION included in pack. Welcome!
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FaiRodis DJESICA hair black1

FaiRodis DJESICA hair black1FaiRodis DJESICA hair black1

FaiRodis DJESICA hair is trend of autumn-winter season 2013-2014.

This lush waves in retro style can be bravely called one of the most fashionable hairstyles of this season.

Volume, but smooth at the roots – they are like a clouds, beautifully framed face, creating a glamorous image in the style of actresses 40-50-ies. Such stacking effectively emphasize the scope and beauty of the hair, and also look very feminine and romantic.

Hair decoration do not included in pack. You can buy it separately.