Our store moved to another place!

Hello friends!
We glad to inform you that our store moved to other place.
So save new landmarks :
Store map:

First level – New hairstyles, hairstyles with decoration & special gifts


Second level – Women hairstyles& make up’s


Third level – Women’s dresses, fashion wedding collection, Valentine’s collection and wedding jewelry + group gifts


Fourth level – Jewelry collection, New dresses, shoes
Show room, model catwalk, expo place, action zone


Magic collection: dresses, hairstyles, jewelry for wizards and witches 🙂


Winter level with winter collection for meet all winter holidays : jewelry, dresses, shoes


Welcome friends to our calm and comfortable store ! 🙂

FaiRodis Smartphone in cover with silver chain2 GROUP GIFT

FaiRodis Smartphone in cover with silver chain2 GROUP GIFT FaiRodis Smartphone in cover with silver chain2 GROUP GIFT

Stylish decoration and the gadget at the same time!
Be in trend!
Show your individuality! Be in spotlight and get fresh news!
Wear with pleasure! 🙂
How to use:

* EASY ACCESS to our official web-site

* QUICK AND EASY connect with our in-world store at MarketPlace

* Ability to BE ALLWAYS ONLINE with our manager

* SOUND SIGNAL and chat message about fresh news on our web-site at weekend

How to do:

* You can CHECK MOST FRESH NEWS yourself by clicking on SMARTPHONE IN COVER and choosing FRESH NEWS button. Then menu will offer you to visit our web-site. Choose GO TO PAGE button.

* you can EASY connect with our in-world store at MarketPlace STORE to see all our items with your own eyes. Just make one click on your SMARTPHONE in COVER and then choose IN-WORLDS ST button. Choose GO TO PAGE button.

* You can EASY SEND MESSAGE to our manager from any point of your Second Life location (where scripts work for you). Just click on SMARTPHONE in COVER and choose MANAGER button. After this during 180 seconds you can type your message in general chat. After 180 seconds passed your message will be sent to our manager automaticaly 🙂 We will try to answer as quick as possible.

* This smartphone will periodically check our official web-site for news and when it will find some new publications it will make short sound signal.