NEW FaiRodis Magic Lake set pack

Hello friends!

Hello friends!
We created new modern jewelry set for you named – Magic Lake!
The idea of โ€‹โ€‹creating this set came when we strolling near a quiet lake in the early morning.
Awesome duet from mystical zircone and silver create fully magical morning mood like โ€“ fresh air and sun glare on the water, reflection of green foliage on the surface of the lake with early pink rays of sun in air. Really magic!



Time for meet spring with fresh jewelry set – Sweet apple

Hello friends!

Time for new spring fashion season is opened!

And we created new modern jewelry set for you named – Sweet apple!

Awesome duet from emerald and gold create fully light spring mood like – fresh smell of leaves and green apples with gold rays of sun.

The set includes: necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring.

Looks very good with trendy green clothing in the 2020 season and clothes from floral fabrics.
Create yourself a spring mood and be happy!



Golden Autumn Expo 2018

Hi friends!
Today we opening Golden Autumn Expo 2018!
And this mean time of magic!

We prepared awesome magical fashion and hairstyle collection for you.
And it’s not all. For those who will be follow the news wait awesome surprises and unique fashion items.

So connect to us at social media, join in our group in Second Life. And be in course of news ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S Golden Autumn Expo 2018 will be open from 10.3.2018 till 11.3.2018



Hello dear friends!
We created new hairstyle, it’s very feminine hairstyle and it will attract the attention of men.
Julia hairstyle movements are dinamical, and looks very realistic during dance, walking, and does not stick to your back, because BRAID is FLEXIBLE. Julia hairstyle suits very good for any situation and for any clothes. You can wear it with jeans, coctail dress or even with gown. This hairstyle universal. Julia hairstyle is good for role players and all kind of gamers at high loaded sims, because with this hair your avatar will be loaded very quickly and your hair always will load quickly and apear right on your head. Julia hair avaliable at all of our brand palette colors at boutique, and also DIAMOND DECORATION included in pack. Welcome!
SL Market Place

FaiRodis Warm Winter mesh outfit+boots+hair ANTILAG outfit full pack

FaiRodis Warm Winter mesh outfit+boots+hair ANTILAG outfit full pack

FaiRodis Warm Winter mesh outfit+boots+hair ANTILAG outfit full pack

This anti lag outfit created by our designers for Your convenience, for You can look stylish and impressive while visiting high loaded sims.

Read how antilag item can help you to fill better at hard loaded sims:

At fullpack include:
Dress: L,M,S,XS,XXS
High heel with cuffs
Bobby hairstyle light blonde 2
alpha layer for dress and shoes

Don’t wait – try it! Welcome!

Glitter mascara – STAR SHINE for true fashion Goddess


Unprecedented innovation at Second Life from our creators!

Magnificent power of your shining look with sparkling glitter mascara – STAR SHINE for true fashion Goddess. And to complete picture we added eyeshadows + lipstic to the pack.

Don’t wait – try it! Welcome! (Goddes’s pack situated at second floor, but this is secret ๐Ÿ˜‰

NEW HAIRSTYLEs – FaiRodis Alvina hair light blonde2 and light shaten

We glad to inform You that we created NEW hairstyle – FaiRodis Alvina in LIGHT SHATEN and LIGHT BLONDE2 colors FOR You.


*Light shaten:


*Light blonde:




FaiRodis Smartphone in cover with silver chain2 GROUP GIFT

FaiRodis Smartphone in cover with silver chain2 GROUP GIFT FaiRodis Smartphone in cover with silver chain2 GROUP GIFT

Stylish decoration and the gadget at the same time!
Be in trend!
Show your individuality! Be in spotlight and get fresh news!
Wear with pleasure! ๐Ÿ™‚
How to use:

* EASY ACCESS to our official web-site

* QUICK AND EASY connect with our in-world store at MarketPlace

* Ability to BE ALLWAYS ONLINE with our manager

* SOUND SIGNAL and chat message about fresh news on our web-site at weekend

How to do:

* You can CHECK MOST FRESH NEWS yourself by clicking on SMARTPHONE IN COVER and choosing FRESH NEWS button. Then menu will offer you to visit our web-site. Choose GO TO PAGE button.

* you can EASY connect with our in-world store at MarketPlace STORE to see all our items with your own eyes. Just make one click on your SMARTPHONE in COVER and then choose IN-WORLDS ST button. Choose GO TO PAGE button.

* You can EASY SEND MESSAGE to our manager from any point of your Second Life location (where scripts work for you). Just click on SMARTPHONE in COVER and choose MANAGER button. After this during 180 seconds you can type your message in general chat. After 180 seconds passed your message will be sent to our manager automaticaly ๐Ÿ™‚ We will try to answer as quick as possible.

* This smartphone will periodically check our official web-site for news and when it will find some new publications it will make short sound signal.