Golden Autumn Expo 2018

Hi friends!
Today we opening Golden Autumn Expo 2018!
And this mean time of magic!

We prepared awesome magical fashion and hairstyle collection for you.
And it’s not all. For those who will be follow the news wait awesome surprises and unique fashion items.

So connect to us at social media, join in our group in Second Life. And be in course of news 🙂

P.S Golden Autumn Expo 2018 will be open from 10.3.2018 till 11.3.2018


Glitter mascara – STAR SHINE for true fashion Goddess


Unprecedented innovation at Second Life from our creators!

Magnificent power of your shining look with sparkling glitter mascara – STAR SHINE for true fashion Goddess. And to complete picture we added eyeshadows + lipstic to the pack.

Don’t wait – try it! Welcome! (Goddes’s pack situated at second floor, but this is secret 😉